[Firmenlogo-Bild]Cashflow and general cost controlling / management for the construction building industry with Kocon software  for MICROSOFT EXCEL or ORACLE 8.0 - fischersoft® is the Controlling specialist for the microsoft Excel based software line KoCon the management information system for the steering of building  projects and cost control from construction costs ref. to the german  RBBau and cost calculation to DIN276 or AKS85 (inclusive KBK road construction measures) with  DIN 276 payment output book, HOAI option, Project plan, central discharge, generation of bar graph, date monitoring, prognosis and budget control. Software development  f. ground construction foundation engineering building industry.
  Projectmanagement RBBAU for Office 95 - 2000 Windows 95 98 ME NT 2000 construction cost consultation
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Welcome to the online information system of the
specialists for EXCEL based application development

Company Information

Since 1987 our company has concentrated on application development software based on MS-EXCEL and other Microsoft Products. Since 1993 we have focused on the construction industry.

Our software line KoCon is the German market leader in the area cost controlling according to the RBBau (Guidelines for the planning and execution of German federal construction standards in the realm of the Federal Republic's financial administration). It is used by numerous architects, builders, and local and national government authorities. It is even being utilized in moving the federal capital from Bonn to Berlin (the project of the century!) A selection of our projects can be found in the following pages, and further reports and information from independent construction specialists can be found under the heading Press Releases.

We offer the following products:

KoCon-Plus - Cost controlling and project management according to the RBBau
KoCon®-DB on ORACLE - databased SQL2 Version Din276
KoCon AKS - Cost accounting for road construction according to the AKS 85
KoCon version 2.2 with HOAI option - for the dynamic calculation of the architects salary
KoCon PRO - the developmental basis for your business controlling needs
KoCon KoBe - room-component oriented contruction cost estimating and controlling

KoCon has been developed primarily for customers who concentrate on public works projects. Therefore, KoCon's organization and documentation style is especially suited to the needs of government officials and those involved in public work projects.

For example, in this area our customers include construction companies involved in local civic projects, hospitals, insurance companies, banks, project mamagement firms and major international companies.

Potential users of our software include the contruction divisions of major oil companies, the German Postal System, The German Railways and municipal services.

With KoCon you can keep the whole project in view !

The wide range and proverbial user friendliness of our software is its strength. It also offers exceptional user comfort in a Microsoft environment. In the development of our software over the years, we have used the experience and suggestions of hundreds of our users with excellent results:

easy to follow system which starts with the initial logon
clearly structured pages and work areas
quick results through automated accounting and mathematical calculations
highest data and " crash security " through the Microsoft based EXCEL programm
free data exchange with other applications and EXCEL programs

Furthermore, we offer many options for support and training. In just a few days, you could bring your construction costs and controlling in line !

fischersoft® is:

Member of the DIN German institute for standardization e.V.
Registered Microsoft dealer.

fischersoft participates to:

Microsoft Solution Developer program
Microsoft Office 97
Compatible program


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contact information

+49 6421 - 93 007
+49 6421 - 93 008
Postal address
Weimarer Weg 12
D-35039 Marburg
General Information: info@fischersoft.de
Software Support and Suggestions: fischersoft® development department

Webmaster: webmaster@fischersoft.de

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