[Firmenlogo-Bild]Cashflow and general cost controlling / management for the construction building industry with Kocon software  for MICROSOFT EXCEL or ORACLE 8.0 - fischersoft® is the Controlling specialist for the microsoft Excel based software line KoCon the management information system for the steering of building  projects and cost control from construction costs ref. to the german  RBBau and cost calculation to DIN276 or AKS85 (inclusive KBK road construction measures) with  DIN 276 payment output book, HOAI option, Project plan, central discharge, generation of bar graph, date monitoring, prognosis and budget control. Software development  f. ground construction foundation engineering building industry.
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Construction segment oriented cost calculation

With the KoCon -KoBe program component we offer an integrated, construction segment related cost calculation. The program extension KoBe stands at your fingertips and uses a simple dialogue led work path. With this tool a room/construction segment oriented cost estimate or calculation can be created.


KoBe in Aktion

The construction design is laid out and managed in the form of a project portfolio in an EXCEL worksheet.

Each room is laid out on a worksheet with all the necessary construction plans.

The corresponding project specific text with quantity and unit price in the actual construction segments is inserted through the use of the 'mark' and 'insert' functions (comparable with drag and drop procedure).

A trade listing and summary can be generated each time out of the originating data sets and quantity oversight data sets.

Individual positions must be changed continuously during the project documentation. The trade listing (Gewerkeauflistung) serves this purpose, with its special filter function of quick changeability of individual positions, and feedback in the actual room construction segments.

The trade sunmary represents a basis for the report (Auschreibung) as well as the connection to cost controlling with KoCon Plus.

KoCon - KoBe offers the following possibilities:

Room/construction segment oriented cost calculation
with Room/construction segment oriented cost calculation with the possibility to define rooms or construction segments, and when needed, individual segments, rooms, orcomplete floors can be removed, with simultaneous, automatic actualization of cost calculation.

Connection to KoCon®-Plus with cost controlling according to the RBBau
(examples 22 to 24)

Easy manipulation of existing Data in Microsoft Excel tables.
Exchanging data with other applications is simple and possible because of the open EXCEL environment and the conformity to Microsoft standards.

Price list

KoCon-KoBe Number of users Price in €uro
supplemental module for KoCon-Plus single workstation

475 €

single application without KoCon-Plus single workstation 750 €

We will gladly supply prices for additional licensing options on request.

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